URALCHEM Receiving the IFA Gold Medal

Within a short time, Dmitry Mazepin owned Uralchem has surpassed all expectation to become a strong contender in all matters fertilizer manufacture and supply in Russia and the world over. Its growth and efforts towards breaking new ground, producing high-quality products and inventing better, more functional fertilizers have not gone unnoticed.

Recently, URALCHEM was recognized and awarded the prestigious International Fertilizer Association (IFA) Gold medal. This medal recognized Uralchem as one of the best fertilizer manufacturers in the industry.

The IFA chairman, Mostafa Terrab, presented the award to Dmitry Konyaev, who is the deputy chairman of the URALCHEM Board of Directors. He received the award on behalf of Dmitry Mazepin, the Board Chairman. The IFA gold medal award lauded URALCHEM for its efforts towards responsible production and fertilizer management. The award ceremony was held in Paris.

In his statement, Dmitry Konyaev expressed joy after receiving the IFA gold medal. He said, “Receiving the prestigious international award is a great honor and a high assessment of URALCHEM’s work in three areas: energy efficiency, occupational safety and health protection of employees, ecology. The organization of production, according to the highest international standards and continuous development, is a priority for the company”.

  • Facts You Should Know About the IFA Gold Medal

The IFA gold medal is awarded to companies that show initiative and work tirelessly towards increasing performance and producing high-quality products and fertilizers.

rice crops by Uralchem fertilizer products

The IFA invests resources in thoroughly evaluating a company before identifying it as a potential winner. In this case, URALCHEM’s Perm Mineral Fertilizers underwent performance tests meant to gather whether or not they fit the bill.

Here, the IFA representatives check for product safety. They investigate to see whether there’s enough awareness, if the employee regulations are being observed, and whether the company has resources in place to save energy and to reduce the effects of the manufacturing processes on the environment.

Going by the award ceremony, it appears URALCHEM passed the test with flying colors. Perm Mineral Fertilizer emerged as the first company to earn the IFA certification back in 2017.  Later there were up to 52 companies spread across 57 countries that underwent the IFA evaluation. Renowned companies that successfully earned the IFA certification include PotashCorp, Yara International and Prayon, Mosaic.

IFA’s protect and sustain program is guided by international quality standards of industrial safety, proper and efficient management, and ecology. Their certifications are offered on the basis of companies exercising responsibility and care over the technological processes during fertilizer production. They also investigate to see that the company works to minimize risks towards possible damage to the environment.

ammonia and nitrate products

URALCHEM Group is a company renowned for its effort in producing and supplying high-quality fertilizer for farmers in Russia and the world over. Currently, URALCHEM is the top Ammonium Nitrate producer in Russia. It is slowly gaining ground to beat other fertilizer manufacturing companies and becoming the top supplier for other chemical products and mineral fertilizers. URALCHEM was founded in 2007 by a prominent billionaire businessman Dmitry Mazepin. The IFA gold award comes as a welcome gesture and recognition of URALCHEM’s efforts in maintaining world standards and supplying quality fertilizers to countries across the globe.

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