Why Social Media Authority is required to Rank to your website

          Why Social Media Authority is required to Rank to your website

There has been massive tectonic shifts in the field of SEO in the recent past. Besides the fact that ‘great content’ is given supreme importance as the factor for website rankings, search engines are also constantly updating their algorithms for a seamless user experience. This has put companies on their toes to try and stay on top. One major avenue through which companies try to achieve web dominance is social media.

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Links from social Media

Word from Google and other search engines is that your number of Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers cannot directly place you up or below search results. However, having said that it is important to remember that search engine algorithms heavily rely on the number of inbound links to rank the popularity of the website. Back links from social media are as good as backlinks from any other website.

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Links to your website from Social Media, therefore can help catapult you to the top of search results. These instances include a blog post from your site that has gone viral on social media, a video or picture or post that has gained many likes and shares on social platforms (the post must have a link to your website).To shoot from the hip, search engine algorithms crawl through your social media feeds just as they do on the web to determine your ranking.

Social media profiles

Social media profiles DO feature on search engine results themselves. This is because every social media account is treated like an individual website by search engine algorithms. In fact whenever you type and search the name of a person or company, among the first results will be their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is that direct. It is therefore prudent to have a strong and unique social media profile, or else ranking your company will be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

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Establish social media authority for higher rankings

From the above information it is clear that social media is an important tool in amplifying the popularity of your website. Your company’s SEO strategy should therefore tap into this source and generate more traffic to your website from social media. More traffic flow to your website is equivalent to higher ranking on search results. Read more on UK’s best SEO Consultant’s Facebook page.

You can easily achieve web dominance by a strong social media presence:

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  • Include a link to your website on every social media post. Keep your social media posts summarized and include a link back to your website. Encourage your followers to click the link and share the post.
  • Make sure that your content on social media is helpful and shareworthy. This is the only way you will get people to follow you back to your website, or to use your content on their site and provide a back link to your site.
  • Optimize your profile information. Social media profiles themselves get ranked on Google and other search engines and it is therefore important that you use proper keywords to describe your business, location and services

Companies cannot afford to overlook the importance of social media in their SEO campaigns. The long and short of social media and website ranking all comes down to the fact that companies with a strong social media presence get ranked higher.

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