How To Get Professional Support For End Of Tenancy Cleaning in UK

 When you move out of a house as a tenant it is policy to leave it clean and up to par. This means fixing sockets, switches, windows, doors and also cleaning the walls and floors. Doing this also helps to guarantee you a 100% deposit back.

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Most of this work is tiresome and may take much time if you decide to do you on your own and you would be advised to get professional support to do the work.  Professional tenancy cleaning services have the appropriate gear and equipment to get the job done.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect professional support or service provider that fits you. You should ensure;

end of tenancy cleaning uk

  • They are fully trained professional cleaners
  • They have no limit on the time they spend cleaning but only stop when the job is done
  • They should clean everything as part of the service
  • You should be able to pick up the key to the house whenever you want
  • They should use updated gear and cleaning equipment
  • They should be professional, friendly with good customer service
  • They should ensure you pass the inspection that will be carried out.

As a Landlord the benefit of getting professional support for end of tenancy cleaning is;

end of tenancy cleaning in uk

  • It will protect your property- a housing investment is a worthy investment to protect by cleaning the hard to get areas such as wall corners and easily missed areas such as door handles.
  • It will open doors to new tenants
  • Helps you to invest your time in other things or businesses rather than cleaning the house

As a Tenant the benefits of getting professional support for end of tenancy are;

  • This will guarantee that you get 100% of your deposit
  • It is easier and faster to have professional do it than you doing it yourself
  • This will give a good impression to the tenant and will be able to recommend you to another tenant in case they are asked.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord looking for a professional support for end of tenancy cleaning you have to research on the best company for the job.

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Also note that you should hire a professional service only when really needed for example;

  • Your house is big with many rooms
  • You are allergic to some cleaning detergents
  • You are working on a tight schedule and time frame
  • You are determined to have your full deposit back
  • You don’t have appropriate gear and cleaning equipment
  • You are un able reach certain areas in the house that require cleaning

You should avoid having professional cleaning services if;

  • You are looking for something cheap and are on a budget
  • You have experienced and are able to clean well
  • You are not really concerned about the deposit
  • If there is an agreement with the landlord to use a certain supplier
  • If there is a tenant who wants to move in quick and is willing to clean the house themselves

With that being said, if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning check EOT Cleaning website at


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